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MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee

With the shutdown of our office, due to the financial impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, the MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee has taken that time to update their name, application forms, and Terms of Reference. Thank you for your patience, as we re-open to the community.

We are pleased to announce that the MSIFN Donations Committee has changed their name to 'MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee'. In keeping with the spirit of the Committee's culture, Maada'ookii was chosen as it translates from Ojibwe to mean, 'they distribute gifts, distribute something, shares something with others'.

Following in the footsteps of the Baagwating Community Association (BCA) which dissolved in 2016, the MSIFN Donation Committee has
continued to help organizations, communities, and individuals with charitable giving. The MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee aims to resume the generous work of their predecessors.
To streamline all requests from individuals, authorized representatives, organizations, and sponsorship of organized sports, we have created four application forms attached below, and available in a fillable format for your convenience. Each form consists of a checklist and guidelines of what the MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee would like to review when considering a request for assistance. Due to the high volume in applications received, only completed applications will be presented to the Committee. Please note that if your request is approved by the MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee, those funds must be used within three (3) months of the approval date for the purpose intended or returned to the Committee for redistribution.

MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee Meeting Schedule - 2024- 2025 Schedule

Please choose the appropriate form based on the following categories of your request:

 Financial Hardship - Form for individuals with a need derived from harsh and unforeseen circumstances.
 Medical - Form for Authorized Representatives, i.e. Occupational Therapists, Social/Case Workers, Support Personnel, etc.
 Organizations - Form for representatives of charitable organizations/events, not-for-profits, businesses, etc.
 Sponsorships - Form for sports teams or individual participants in organized sports.

The MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee plans to meet once a month to review requests. The Meeting Schedule, attached below, will be updated as needed, but may be subject to change without notice. Please send in requests at least 3 working days prior to the next scheduled meeting for inclusion, or it may not be presented until the next month's meeting. It is recommended, that before completing an application, that you visit this webpage for the most recent application forms, and review any changes to our processes.

Please send your requests by email to


MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee Administrative Assistant
Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation

MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee Members:

  • Della Charles
  • Jamie Kozlinsky
  • Rhonda Coppaway
  • Charles Le Saux-Ball
  • Jeanne Le Saux-Ball
  • Monica Sanford
  • Shane Swinson
  • Phillip LeSaux

       MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee Application for Assistance - Sponsorship
       MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee Application for Assistance - Medical
       MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee Application for Assistance - Organizations
       MSIFN Maada'ookii Committee Application for Assistance - Financial Hardship