Post Secondary

Post Secondary Student Assistance Program

The objective of the Student Assistance Program is to assist the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation members and community members to gain access to post-secondary education.

Member and community member applicants may refer to the Education Assistance Program, Policy and Procedures (2012) to learn more about eligible types of post-secondary assistance and application procedures.  The policy document can be accessed by logging on to the Member's Portal.

There are three annual application deadlines for post-secondary assistance:

June 1 for programs that start in the Fall semester (September)

November 1 for programs that start in the Winter semester (January)

March 15 for programs that start in the Spring semester (May)


BCA Community Education and Training Program

The objective of the Education and Training Program is to assist eligible MSIFN Members and Community Members to develop their employability skills and training so they can be economically self-sufficient and develop their individual potential.

The program is intended to assist with short-term employment training (i.e., less than a year in length).  Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and are subject to review by the MSIFN Education Committee.

The policy document for this program is currently under revision.  It will be made available on the Member's Portal once it has been approved by MSIFN Chief and Council.

Post-Secondary Graduate Employment Subsidy Program

This program will help recent MSIFN post-secondary graduates obtain employment experience in their respective fields through the provision of a temporary wage subsidy to employers.  The MSIFN, in partnership with the Ogemawahj Tribal Training and Employment Resources program (OTTER), will subsidize the employment of eligible graduates on an annual basis.

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis (approvals are first-come, first-serve).  MSIFN graduates may access the policy guidelines and application procedures for this program on the Member's Portal.

BCA Special Requests for Education Outreach Program

The Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation (MSIFN) will accept requests for partial financial assistance from aboriginal and non-aboriginal post-secondary students, excluding those who are eligible or in receipt of assistance through the MSIFN Education Assistance Program.  This financial assistance is made possible by the Baagwating Community Association, the charitable arm of the Great Blue Heron Charity Casino.  The purpose of the program is to assist the non-MSIFN post-secondary students who are experiencing a shortfall in their education funds.  The assistance is not intended to cover all education costs.

Special Requests for Education Outreach Application Package (PDF Version)

Ogemawahj Tribal Council
Ontario University Applications Centre
Ontario College Applications Centre
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Trent University
Durham College 
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