Powwow Etiquette and Facts

POWWOW Etiquette:

Pay attention to the Master of Ceremonies – they are the “camp crier” of the gathering and will provide information throughout to let those in attendance know what is taking place or what will be taking place.

Respect the Arena Director and the Head Veteran – their job is to keep the dance circle respectful and to ensure that protocols are adhered to when needed.

Respect the Powwow participants – as this extends to active space in the dance circle, family tents
alongside the dance circle, campsites, or reserved seating/food line-ups.

Be cognizant of honouring the protocols of the host community – the MC may announce special requests throughout the gathering, and we encourage people to be respectful of these protocols.

Be respectful of Regalia - A dancer’s regalia is an intimate and symbolic reflection of their spirit. These items hold special meaning to the
dancers and should be treated with the utmost respect. It is good practice to never touch any personal items. If you find time to chat with dancers throughout the event you will find that many dancers enjoy answering questions
and sharing information about their regalia!

Most importantly; Come with an open heart and an open mind!


Who can attend the Powwow? Everyone is welcome to attend the MSIFN Powwow. The Powwow is a celebratory event that is open to
individuals and families from all nations.

Am I allowed to take photos/videos of dancers? If you would like a personal photo with a particular dancer, please ensure you respectfully ask permission from that individual. If you would like to use a photo or video that you’ve taken for
professional use, please ensure that you talk with the dancer directly for permission/consent release.

Will there be vendors open for shopping?
Yes! There will be 30+ craft vendors at the MSIFN Powwow to shop from.

What methods of payment will be accepted?
Admissions accept cash or debit. Some vendors may have the option to pay using credit or
debit, but it is suggested to ensure that you have cash on hand as there is no ATM on site.

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